Holiday Grand Plan Week 1: Front Porch / List Week

Week 1: August 26 - September 1, 2018

Week One is List Week at the Holiday Grand Plan!

During this week, we kick off holiday prep with lists, lists and more lists.

We'll print helpful calendars and forms for Christmas organizing and begin to create a Christmas notebook.

This week's cleaning focus is the front porch: We'll clean and organize the area around the front door so that our home will be ready to welcome visitors during the holiday season.

Ready to jump into List Week? Let's get organized with the Holiday Grand Plan!

Cleaning/Organizing Area: Front Porch

Holiday Prep

  • Print the Holiday Grand Plan calendars for reference.
  • Make the following lists:
    • Gifts to be given, amount to spend (include family, friends, school, church, etc)
    • Christmas card list (computerize it!) Print list and update it, if needed. Decide how many cards are needed.
    • Visits to make
    • Parties/Entertaining
    • Menus for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, other parties
    • Goodies for Sharing/Gifts. Decide how much needs to be made and divide it between the weeks from now through December 1.
    • Favorite Meals of Family members for freezing ahead.
    • Long-term shopping list divided into: canned foods, perishables for each holiday, linens and dishes, decorations, etc.
  • Create a Christmas planner notebook to organize holiday planning.
    This week's printable forms from Organized Christmas include:

To Print This Week

Plan Calendar 1
Plan Calendar 2
Plan Calendar 3
Week 1 Checklist